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105 Desire Dr.

105 Desire Dr.

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She is overalls, sunshine and freckles. I’m big, gruff, rough around the edges and I don’t know the first thing about women that are sweet and way too good for me. We’re as different as night and day and that’s all anyone wants to talk about. So I plan to stay away from her, no matter how tempting she is.

Main Tropes

  • Protective Man
  • Curvy Women
  • Age Gap
  • Inked
  • OTT
  • All the Feels


He can’t let her go.

Honey wants two things. To supply produce to the local pantry and for me, David Cantal to ask her out.

She is overalls, sunshine and freckles. I’m big, gruff, rough around the edges and I don’t know the first thing about women that are sweet and way too good for me.

We’re as different as night and day and that’s all anyone wants to talk about. So I plan to stay away from her, no matter how tempting she is.

But when she calls me in the middle of the night, asking for my help, I can’t tell her no. I go to her but she has plans to take more than just my help… she also wants my heart.

Cherry Falls is filled with returning characters and iconic destinations that will begin to feel like family. When you leave the city, and drive into Cherry Falls, it’s like you’ve finally come home.

The cherry on top? Each book delivers a swoon-worthy, sexy romance!
So welcome to Cherry Falls, we hope you stay awhile!

Intro to Chapter 1

Chapter 1


“One of these days, I imagine you’ll have
some young strapping man to help load all these crates of produce into your
truck,” my dad, Marcus McGee, says as he hands me the last crate of fruit.

I laugh, shaking my
head at him. “Maybe,” I answer as I do every time he hints at me taking on a
relationship. My golden blond hair is weaved into two Dutch girl braids so as
to keep the strands out of my way while I’m working, and my dad gives one of them
a tug.

“You are a stubborn
one, aren’t you? You know I never thought I’d be saying this to one of my kids,
but Honey, you’re a bit too picky.”

“You think so, huh?”
I ask him over my shoulder as I walk over to my truck. I’m taking some extra
produce into town to the Cherry Falls Pantry, and I swear I’ve had this
conversation with my dad before. He’s always trying to get my sister and me
hitched. It’s a running joke between us that he just wants more help on the
farm. And I know this is not all I’m going to hear about my lack of dating—oh
no, he’s not finished yet.

He follows me over
to my truck with another box of produce. “There have been many different,
eligible men who’ve stopped by the produce stand to win your attention and
affection, and you haven’t given any one of them the time of day.”

I set the box down
on the bed of the truck. “That’s not entirely true. Plus, as my dad, aren’t you
supposed to be running off guys, not pushing me toward them?” I slide the box
into the truck as he does the same next to me. My dad’s right. I just haven’t
found a guy I like, though. The guys that have shown an interest, I’ve given
them enough attention to know that none of them did it for me. And despite what
my father is saying, I’m not going to settle for anyone who is less than

“Honey, by the time
your mom was your age, we were married, and she was pregnant with you. I just
want you to be happy, that’s all.”

I look him straight
in the eye. “Do I not look happy?”

My gaze doesn’t even
waver. I’m not lying to him that I just haven’t found “the one” yet. I know
what kind of man I want, and I’d like to think once I find him, my dad’s going
to support me in my decision. There’s no sense rushing into something that I know
is not going to work.

“Dad, I’m going to
remember this conversation when I bring a guy home I like and you don’t approve
of him.” And I know that’s probably going to happen. My tastes seem to run more
toward the independent, bad boy type, and I don’t know if my dad’s going to
like that or not.

“I just want you and
your sister happy. That’s all. That’s all that matters to your mom and me.”

I walk around to the
driver’s side of the truck. I know if I let him, he’ll keep me cornered here
all day, trying to convince me that it’s about time I settle down. You would
think I’m older than my twenty-four years of age the way my dad is talking.

“Don’t work too hard
today,” I tell him in farewell and drive off to the Rosewood Produce Stand at
the edge of our farm that I run with the help of my sister and family.

My younger sister
Ginger is running the stand and has plenty of folks lined up to buy not just
because we sell great produce but because my sister Ginger, with her long brown
hair, sweet smile, and friendly ways, is great for business. A lot of the females
in town dislike Ginger because she’s a beautiful and self-confident woman. Men
respond to confidence, and everyone responds to kindness. If only more of the
women in town would take the time to get to know Ginger, they’d see that she’s
an amazing person.

“You need anything
from me before I head into town?” I ask her between customers. I used to only
deliver to the Pantry once a week, but now I’m able to deliver every other day.
Sometimes every day. This has been really important to our family to give back
to the community, and I volunteered to take it on. Cherry Falls is a small
town, but the Pantry still stays busy providing food and supplies to the needy
families and homeless in the area.

“No. I’m good. Did
you get the speech from Dad?” Ginger asks me.

We both roll our
eyes. “You too, huh?”

She laughs. “You
know it.”

“Ya know, he’s
thinking that if he marries one of us off it’s going to save his back.”

We both laugh at
that. “I’ll see you soon,” I call out the window before I drive off.

The way into town, I
can’t help but wonder if my dad is right. Am I too picky?

I don’t think so.
Maybe I just know what I like, and I haven’t found it yet. At least that’s what
I’m thinking anyway. I’ve dated a few guys in town, was even sort of serious
about one, but when he wanted to get serious, I broke it off with him. It’s not
like I’m scared of commitment or anything. I do want a husband and a family. My
parents have been perfect role models for how good married life can be. They’ve
stuck together through it all, droughts, storms that destroyed our land, deaths
in the family. They’ve always been there for each other, and it’s obvious they
love each other. Probably a little too much. I grimace thinking about their
constant displays of affection. But even knowing all that, I don’t think I
should be rushing into anything either. Not until it feels right, anyway.

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