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Billionaire Briggs Brothers

Billionaire Briggs Brothers

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From USA Today bestselling author Hope Ford comes a never before in print billionaire series. The Billionaire Briggs Brothers are four brothers that are alpha and oh so hot! They may be a little bossy, but they love their curvy, strong-willed women. Sit back and enjoy as each of the brothers finds love.

Just Call Me Baby


I’m a billionaire that doesn’t have time for fun, dating, or anything else.

But when I accidentally get on a call with Emily, a phone sex operator,

my life changes.

Now instead of chasing dollars and companies,

I’m chasing her.


Don’t get attached.

That’s the rule.

But after the first time I talked to him, I knew he was special.

He’s gone out of his way to find out who I am and then to help my family.

He’s too powerful. Too rich. Too much.

I may be crazy, but all I want is him.

Mr. Boss Man


She’s my brother’s assistant and off limits.

But I don’t care.

My days of flings and one-night stands are over.

Because I’m pretty sure that Jamie is holding my heart in her hands.


He’s my boss.

Well, actually my boss’ brother.

But I can’t fall for him.

He’s younger than me and is probably just looking for his next conquest.

That is until he tells me what he really wants…

And that’s me.

Playing Dirty


From the minute I saw her, I wanted her.

But she wasn’t interested.

She said she didn’t have time for a relationship.

But I convinced her, made a deal with her.

She gives me what I want, and she gets what she wants.

It was all good…until I upped the stakes.


I’ve always put my relationships first.


But not anymore.

I am going to have my art hanging in a gallery, and no man is going to stand in my way.

He tries to convince me to let him help me, but I’m not falling for it.

If he wants my heart, he’s going to have to prove it.

Tempting the Doctor


I was in Mexico to help raise money for a charity.

One look at the curvy doctor, and I knew I wanted her.

When thugs try to hurt her and steal the medicine from the orphanage,

I save her. And in turn, she becomes mine.


He’s like nothing I ever expected.

He’s a billionaire, and I was sure he was “that” guy.

But then he saves me and makes it his mission to keep me safe.

He may have been a playboy at one time,

But the way he looks at me makes me think maybe he’s changed.

At least my heart hopes so.

Main Tropes

  • Protective Men
  • Curvy Women
  • Age Gap
  • Billionaire Romance
  • OTT
  • All the Feels


From USA Today bestselling author Hope Ford comes a never before in print billionaire series. The Billionaire Briggs Brothers are four brothers that are alpha and oh so hot! They may be a little bossy, but they love their curvy, strong-willed women. Sit back and enjoy as each of the brothers finds love.

Intro to Chapter 1

“So what do you like?” the caller asks me.  

Almost instantly, I giggle and answer, “I like it all.”  I’m still new to this.  I’m awkward and not really good at it, but I’ve been a phone sex operator for a month now and I still haven’t actually had phone sex.  However, already I’ve been able to financially help my mother take care of my little sister.  She was diagnosed with asthma and the cost of the medicine and treatments have been way more than my mom can afford on her waitressing job.  So if I have to talk sexy to some stranger on the phone to help my sister, I’ll do it.

I’ve been lucky, though, it seems.  I’ve heard some horror stories about doing this, but it hasn’t been that bad actually.  The operator that I talk to at After Dark, the company I work for, seems to think I’m more of a relationship healer instead of a phone sex operator.  But that’s fine with me. It’s hard to say what I “want to do to you” or “what I want done to me” when I’ve only experienced the real thing once and it wasn’t all that.  But usually, I get them talking and they start telling me about their relationship troubles, or their mommy issues, or whatever.  I’ve found that mostly what they want is just someone to listen to them.  And, well, I’m really good at that.

I’m in my senior year at Knox University and if I didn’t have a full scholarship that includes room and board, I wouldn’t still be here.  My mom worked hard for us all those years, but school was not going to be in the cards for me.  The scholarship has given me opportunities that I never dreamed would be possible.

“So what do you like?” I softly whisper into the phone.  I’m lying back on my bed in my dorm room with my headset on.  Staring up at the popcorn ceiling, I twirl the headset cord between my fingers.  I have a small room, but I at least have it at the very end of the hallway and to myself.  I’m a resident advisor this year, which means I help the underclassmen navigate dorm life.  The first half of the year, I was pretty busy.  Now, not so much.  Everyone seems to have it figured out and have now made friends that they are able to depend on instead of always coming to me.

“Spanking? Oooh, yeah.” I groan into the phone as I reach for my flip flop on the floor next to the bed. “I like getting spankings.”  I slap my thigh with the flip flop.  It’s amazing the things I’ve already learned doing this.

I spend the next four minutes asking him what he likes about spankings and then him telling me that his wife doesn’t like it.  “She thinks I’m trying to be mean to her.  And I get some people just aren’t into it, but I am, and I have to get satisfied somewhere.”  

As soon as he finishes his little speech, I ask him more about his wife and find out that she was a virgin until they got married and they’ve only been married a month.  “Look, maybe you need to talk to her about it.  If she’s as shy and timid as you claim, then maybe it’s all new to her, maybe she just needs a little slower introduction into spanking.  Maybe she would like it if you gave her time to get adjusted.”  We spend the next thirty minutes talking to about how he could approach his wife on the subject and when our time is up, he promises to call me back to let me know how it goes.  

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