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Mason - Mail Order Bride

Mason - Mail Order Bride

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When his mother tells him and his brothers they have to marry to save Snow Valley, he figures he’ll do it. He’s a scarred, gruff, military man that wants to be left alone. But he’s also a man that will step up when he needs to.

Main Tropes

  • Protective Man
  • Curvy Woman
  • Ex-Military
  • Mail Order Bride
  • OTT
  • All the Feels


He’s a scarred, gruff, military man that wants to be left alone. But he’s also a man that will step up when he needs to.

When his mother tells him and his brothers they have to marry to save Snow Valley, he figures he’ll do it. He’ll get married, save the town and then get divorced.

But then he met his wife.

She’s sweet, curvy and beautiful and she makes him wish for all the things he never dreamed he could have.

Soon, he’s looking for ways to not only make this a real marriage... but a marriage that lasts forever.

The Mistletoe Brothers are ready to save Snow Valley … even if it means marrying complete strangers. The six women who arrive in this mountainside town all have very different reasons for agreeing to an arranged marriage. And none of them quite know what to make of the six ruggedly handsome brothers who greet them. But they do know this: there’s no turning back.

It’s Christmas, the season for miracles … but is it also the season for falling in love? Join six of your favorite romance authors this holiday as they show you around the most romantic town you’ve ever visited. It’s got an ice-skating rink where you can hold hands, hot cocoa to sip by the fire, and plenty of mistletoe that you can kiss under.

These stories are filled with high heat...because with six brothers, there are plenty of packages to unwrap.

Intro to Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Last Christmas was the first one I spent
without my parents, and I promised myself that by the next one I’d have someone
to spend the holidays with. I’ve been in a mood lately, unsure of what I need to do but knowing that I need to do something. With Christmas not too far away, I’ve taken a look at my life and am sad to see what a lonely existence I’ve been living since I lost my parents. It is time to do something. Something drastic.

I can’t keep doing the same thing day in and day out. Get up, go to work at my job as a cashier at the local Piggly Wiggly, come home, watch television, and go to bed just to get up and do it all again.

Sure, I probably shouldn’t have had a few drinks. Especially since I was under the drinking age and had to use a fake ID to get them. And I probably shouldn’t have made such a
big decision for my life after having said drinks. But it’s too late to back out now. I signed the paperwork. Of course, I could probably get out of it. Say I was under the influence when I signed them or something. But I don’t want to.
The more I’ve thought about it, the surer I’ve become. And besides, it worked for my parents. So why can’t it work for me?

Of course it was a different time and circumstances then. My mom and dad were promised to each other before they even met. Their families wanted to join. My dad’s family
wanted to join with my mother’s family’s land. It was the seventies then, so things like that weren’t common. The days of arranged marriages were something of the past, or at least I thought so, and so did my mom and dad. And my mom
told me that she was going to refuse her parents and tell them no, that getting
married was not an option, they needed to find another way. But as soon as she
laid eyes on my dad, she knew she would go through with it. My dad felt the
same way. They both told me it was love at first sight. They were married
almost twenty-six years, and even though it was devastating that I lost them
both at the same time, in my heart I knew it was for the best. Their love was
one for the ages. Neither would have wanted to be without the other. They were
two halves of a whole, and from the moment they married, they never spent more
than a night apart. If one had survived the car accident, it would have been
too much for the other to bear.

So now here I am,
alone in this world. I have the wineries all in my name, but I don’t work
there. I haven’t been able to bring myself to go there, not since the accident.
The winery was sort of like my parents’ other child. They loved it, and
everything they created there was amazing. They left it to me, and I know what
a special gift it is, but I haven’t been able to go there. I receive my monthly
royalty payment automatically deposited into my account, but I don’t touch it.

I look at my packed
bags sitting on the floor next to my chair. There are people everywhere,
arriving and departing, everyone in a hurry to get somewhere. I like to imagine
what each person is doing, what their life story is. The man across the way
keeps looking at me curiously, and I wonder if he’s wondering the same about
me. I laugh to myself. There’s no way he could guess that I’m a mail-order
bride on my way to meet my future husband.

In the light of day
and sobered up, I am waiting for the regret to set in. I signed up online with
a matrimony matching website, Mail Order Brides for Christmas. The call from
Holly Huckleberry to be interviewed via Skype was definitely interesting as I
learned all the ins and outs of being a mail order bride. But what sold me on
the idea was talking with Joy Mistletoe. She is my husband-to-be’s mother. She
wanted to speak to me before I signed any papers. Joy was warm and excited. She
reminded me so much of my own mother that I probably would have promised her
anything she wanted. She told me that I would be a perfect fit for her son and
their family.

I try to recall
everything she said, and I can remember her telling me that she has six sons
who own their own businesses, and they are all special guys that have found
themselves in a time crunch situation. I know she mentioned the name Mason, and
I try to remember exactly what the reason was he needed to get married, but the
hangover and too much alcohol has caused my brain to be frazzled.

I look at my phone
again and read all the reviews for the matrimony matching website. It seems
legit. Darn, I hope it is. I told my friend that I had met someone online. If I
told her I was getting married to someone I hadn’t even met, heck hadn’t even talked
to, I know she would have tried to talk me out of it. And I don’t want that.

Anyone else would
probably be worried right now, wondering if this is the right thing to do. But
not me. When I woke up this morning, I felt refreshed and without the least
amount of worry. I expected some remorse or regrets, but I feel a calm come
over me about the whole thing. I feel like leaving my lonely life behind to go
and begin a new one surrounded by family is fate taking a hand.

As I hear the call
to board over the loudspeakers, I grab my bag and start to walk across the
aisle. The man that is sitting across from me stands up and waves for me to go
in front of him. I smile easily at him and show the attendant my boarding pass
before walking on to the plane. As I settle into my assigned seat, I think, This is going to be just like a fairy tale.


I’m staring at the paperwork in front of me, reading through it all. I shouldn’t
even question it. The prenuptial agreement was prepared by Mr. Davis, our
family’s lawyer for the last twenty years. He’s trustworthy and knows his
stuff. It has all the common information on it and includes the clause that we
each take what was ours with us when we get divorced. I’ve tattooed over too
many ex-lovers’ names on countless clients to be naïve enough to think that
anything real can come of this arranged marriage.

I still can’t
believe that my mother set this whole thing up. As soon as she learned about
the Titan Corporation coming in to buy the town, she’s been searching to find a
way to stop it. We all have. But Mother took it into her own hands. She’s
really clever and probably one of the most headstrong women I know. She came up
with this idea, contacted the mail-order bride company, and put everything into

The rules for the
town’s ownership are clear and say I have to be married. I’m working on a
clause. Something we can figure out about changing the antiquated laws of Snow
Valley. Phew! It’s crazy. The law states that the owners must be married. It’s
a crazy idea, and the rules definitely need changed. Until I can figure it out,
we will stay married.

Snow Valley means so
much to our community and my family, and I know there’s no way I can let the
Titan Corporation come in and buy it. We don’t want a tourist town. We like our
town the way it is. My brothers and I are prepared to buy it, but the city bylaws
say that the town’s owners have to be married. I think it’s a bunch of hogwash,
but there’s no way I’m telling my mother no. I won’t be the one to let my
family down, not when my five brothers all agreed to do this. Plus, I’m not so
worried about the idea that I would stay married if it turns out really badly.
If it comes down to it, I’ll figure out a loophole of selling my shares of the
town or something. As long as the majority stays in the Mistletoe family, I
won’t need to be an owner.

Marriage really
isn’t for me anyway. I don’t believe in happily every afters. My buddies in the
service would agree with me. My best friend’s wife left him while he was
serving overseas. Another friend’s wife divorced him because she fell in love
with someone else. Another friend’s wife left him because she couldn’t handle
him being gone all the time. Yeah, I’m not a betting man anyway, but if I was,
I definitely wouldn’t be betting on the success of these arranged marriages.
But there’s no way I could turn my mom down. Not on this. I know how much this
town means to her, and there’s no way I’m going to stand in the way of it being
kept to its current standards. Snow Valley is a special place, and it means a
lot to all of us. It’s where our family is from, it’s where we grew up, and
it’s where we plan to stay. We definitely need to preserve the town. For us and
for all the townspeople.

So once the decision
was made, I just had to go through with it. Honestly, I’m glad Mom had a plan
for the arranged marriage. The only prospects I would have had in this town
that would even consider marrying the likes of me is Jessica, one of my tattoo artists
at the shop. She’s nice enough, but marrying her would be a huge mistake. She’s
already following me around like a lost puppy; she probably would get the wrong
idea and think it was a real marriage.

Nope, I don’t need
that drama. I need a professional. I mean, what kind of woman would be a mail
order bride? She obviously knows what’s up. I shake my head at the thought. My
mom told me she talked to Mia, the woman I’m planning to marry, but I didn’t get
much more than that. Mom has romanticized all of this, thinking it’s going to
be six successful marriages. All I can do is promise her I’ll do my best. I
know it’s not going to be some big love match, but we can at least attempt
contentment and hopefully just a hint of happiness.

I finish signing and
wait for Mr. Davis to give me a copy before giving him a thumbs-up on my way
out of the office. I’ve already arranged for a licensed minister to officiate
the marriage, paid for witnesses to be there, and by greasing a few palms even
got the marriage license rushed through to be ready on time.

It’s all working
out. I now only have to pick up my bride-to-be, one Mia Devin, at the airport,
and we’ll get married right there. It will be nice and legal once we consummate
the marriage. I don’t want this lady getting the marriage annulled as a sham. Not
sure what the lawyer would say, but I want it to be legally binding.

I can’t stop the
shake of my hand just thinking about it. Intimacy and I are strangers. Once I
got back from the service, having received my purple heart and bronze star, I
was too occupied with rehab and trying to heal. My hand instantly goes to my
face and the puckered skin on the side of my cheek. Luckily the wound has
healed, but it’s still ugly. There’s no other way to say it. I can’t help but
wonder if my mother informed the matchmakers or Mia about my face.

I just shake my
head, trying to shove my insecurities away. This is happening, and I’m going to
make the best of it.

It’s a means to an
end, just business.

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