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The Blake Brothers

The Blake Brothers

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The Blake Brothers are three brothers that know what they want and will do anything to get it! Each story is steamy, sweet and short. Be ready! I’m sure you’re going to find your next book boyfriend in either Jason, Jack or Jared.

If I Say Yes
Love Like Ours
Never Been Kissed

Main Tropes

  • Protective Man
  • Curvy Woman
  • Baseball
  • Bundle of 3 Stories
  • OTT
  • All the Feels


From USA Today bestselling author Hope Ford comes another brother bundle. The Blake Brothers are three brothers that know what they want and will do anything to get it! Each story is steamy, sweet and short. Be ready! I’m sure you’re going to find your next book boyfriend in either Jason, Jack or Jared.

If I Say Yes
An Alpha Tattooed Man and Curvy Woman Romance

He made me fall in love with him. I couldn’t stop it.
He’s a professional baseball player, with women falling all over him… but he chose me, the plus size woman in the stands.
But the day of the wedding, his true colors come out and with my heart broke in two, I escape and leave him standing at the altar.
I knew the first time I saw her that she would be the woman I’d marry.
In a whirlwind, we set the date.
But with a case of misunderstandings and mistaken identity, she leaves for our honeymoon… single.
I do what any man in love would do… I follow her – and make her mine.

Love Like Ours
An Alpha Older Man and Curvy Younger Woman Romance

I met him for the first time and it felt like I’ve known him forever.
When we’re thrown together on vacation because of a misunderstanding, well, it just gives me more time to fall in love.
Guarding my heart should be my number one priority… because he’s leaving in a week.
I never dreamed that I would want to settle down.
But from the first moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was special.
It may take some convincing, and a change in my ways,
But I’m going to make her mine.

Never Been Kissed
Four years ago, he was the nerd in high school. I was the captain of the cheerleading squad.
I liked him then, but nothing ever came of it.
When I see him again, all those old feelings come up and I know that I won’t let him go again.
I’ve followed her for four years… from afar.
I’ve taken care of her, even though she doesn’t know it.
When I need her help, I try to prove to her exactly how I feel about her.
But when she finds out how hard I worked to make this happen, will she forgive me?

Intro to Chapter 1

Chapter 1 from "If I Say Yes"


It’s the bottom of the ninth inning and
we’re ahead by one run. We have two outs and bases loaded. They’ve brought in
Jason Blake to pitch. He’s total eye candy and even though I want us to win, I
really want him to win it for us. Not only is he handsome, he also seems to be
a good guy. You don’t hear a lot about him getting into trouble or anything.
Most of the time, I read about a fundraiser or some volunteer work he’s doing.
And they just released news that he’s being moved up into the majors.

I love baseball. I
used to come and watch it all the time with my dad. But now that he’s gone, I
either come alone or force one of my friends to come with me.

There’s a hush in
the stadium when all of a sudden my friend, Emily, jumps to her feet. “Strike
him out, Jason! You got this.” She’s waving her arms around like a lunatic and
I stand up next to her, trying to push her back down to her seat.

Jason, who was about
to throw his first pitch since coming in to close the game, steps off the mound
and looks toward us. My face is fifty shades of red I’m sure, but I can’t stop
myself or turn away from his stare. He stands there for seconds, or is it minutes,
I don’t know, because I swear his look is trained on me. When he doesn’t look
away, the catcher calls time and walks toward the mound. They say something and
the catcher looks up into the stands at me, then pats Jason on the back before
he walks back to home plate and gets into position.

I finally get Emily
seated, and she’s staring at me with her mouth wide open and her eyes huge. “He
was staring at you, Chels!”

I look at her
hopefully before turning back to the game.

He’s back on the
mound. He throws one pitch. Strike, the umpire calls
out. The catcher throws the ball back and Jason grips it in his hand, rolling
his shoulders. He doesn’t look back at me, and I wonder if I imagined it all.

Strike. Another fast ball lands in the catcher’s mitt with a resounding thud.

When Jason gets the
ball back, he takes his hat off and wipes his forehead with the back of his
hand before putting it back on his head. He eyes over to the runner on third,
then takes the mound.

Fans from the other
team are heckling him, but he seems unfazed. He brings his arm back, lifts his
front leg high off the ground and throws his body forward, releasing the ball
in front of him. The batter reaches out to swing and misses it. Strike! the umpire calls and the crowd goes wild. I’m
standing up with my hands up under my chin, like I’ve been praying. Heck, maybe
I was.

The Tennessee
Timberwolves win their regional game. We stand there and watch as the team all
runs together, hugging and slapping each other on the back. Jason walks out of
the crowd of his teammates and jogs over toward us.

His hands on the
fence, he looks up the few rows where we’re standing. “Hey, what’s your name?”

I can’t help it. I
look behind me and then turn back to him, pointing to myself. “Me?”

He smiles and nods
his head. “Yes, you.”

Someone from the
stands congratulates him and he thanks them before turning back to me.

I lick my lower lip.

“Chelsey.” He says
my name and the way it rolls off his tongue I swear I can feel my body tingle.
“Can you give me thirty minutes and meet me by the entrance?”

When I don’t respond
quick enough, Emily jumps in. “She’ll meet you.”

He smiles at Emily
and then trains his eyes back on me. “Is she right, Chelsey? Will you wait on

I nod at him and
when I do, his smile gets even bigger and he slaps his hand against the fence
and walks backward toward his teammates, his eyes on me the whole way.

I’m still watching
him as he walks into the dugout when Emily grabs my arm, squealing, jumping up
and down. “Oh my God, Chelsey, you’re about to meet Jason Blake!”

I cover my ears
she’s screaming so loud. The people around us are all laughing as they gather
their stuff. One woman pats me on the shoulder, saying, “You go, girl!” and I
smile at her.

Damn. How is this my


Rushing through my shower, I get dressed quickly and head for the door. The press is here wanting
to talk about the game and also about me being picked up for the majors, but I
only give him a little time, thanking my family, teammates and fans before I’m
out the door and heading toward Chelsey.

The crowd has
thinned out, but there’s still people along the way, congratulating me and
wanting my signature. I sign quickly and keep moving. Once Chelsey comes into
view, I don’t stop anymore. I stride toward her until I’m standing right in
front of her.

I put my hand on her
shoulder, just because I want to touch her. “Hi. Thanks for waiting for me.”

She tilts her head
back and smiles. We are staring at each other until I hear, “Well, Chels, if
you’re okay I’m going to head out of here.”

I notice for the
first time, her friend is standing next to her. Chelsey pulls away from me.
“I’m sorry. I rode here with Emily, so I have to go too.”

I reach out and grab
her hand, not ready to let her go. “Will you let me take you home? I have to go
to a party, just make a quick appearance, then we can go.”

She looks down at
herself in jeans and her Tennessee Timberwolves T-shirt and then back up at me.
“I’m not really dressed for a party.”

“You look
beautiful.” I eye her appreciatively. Her T-shirt is stretched across her large
breasts and she has on tight blue jeans. Her wide thighs make my mouth water
and I can’t stop myself from gripping onto her hip. “Please. I want you with
me,” I plead with her honestly.

Her sudden intake of
breath tells me that she feels it too. She nods and turns to Emily, giving her
a quick hug and I wave bye to her as well. When Chelsey turns back to me, I can
see the doubt in her eyes. “Are you sure about this?”

I can’t resist her.
Not even if I wanted to try. I lean down and grip her cheek in my hand,
stroking her soft skin with my thumb. “I’ve never been more sure of anything in
my life.”

When I saw her in
the stands, embarrassed and trying to contain her friend, I knew right then
that I had to meet her. Up close, she’s even more beautiful.

I grab on to her
hand and start walking to the exit. When a fan stops me asking for an
autograph, I lift my hand that is laced with Chelsey’s and swap it to my other
hand, not wanting to let her go even for a minute.

She laughs at me and
I can see the confusion on her face, but she just walks to the other side of me
while I sign the baseball the little boy is holding out to me. After a pat on
his head, I continue walking to my car.

When I open the door
for her, she slides into the car and I lean in to buckle her up. Her scent hits
my nose and I swear it makes me want to lean in and taste her.

I walk around to the
driver’s side and get in. Her sweet voice has me gripping the steering wheel
tightly. “Uh, I feel like I should tell you, I uh, don’t normally do this?”

I grab her hand that
is sitting on her lap. “Do what?”

“Go home with
strange men.” Her face flushes and she tries to pull her hand from mine. “I
don’t mean I’m going home with you. Or that you’re strange.” She takes her
other hand and covers her face. “Oh my God, I’m shutting up now.”

I laugh at how sweet
she is. Damn, she’s nothing like any woman I’ve ever met.

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